To provide authentic, empathetic and evidenced-based psychological services to individuals, families and organizations through the use of bold practices that promote growth, development and evolution.

My purpose is to assist individuals, families, and organizations to live boldly in their authentic truth, and to approach everyday life with bold compassion.



It takes courage to live boldly in your truth and to boldly engage in self-reflection about who you are in the world, who you would like to be and how you would like to navigate various roles in your life. When you commit to this process, you are then able to heal, grow and evolve.

Our lives and circumstances all differ and with that our perspective of living boldly is uniquely defined by us. What is constant is the ability to boldly be honest with ourselves and others, to think critically about who we are in the world, and the reasons why we make certain choices.

When we are able to boldly evaluate these various aspects of ourselves, how we relate to others, and the choices we make as they relate to our actions, we begin to Live Bold.


Contact me if you, your family or your organization is interested in my mental health services including psychotherapy, consultation, training and assessment.