I come from a mixed race, dual-citizen family whose members differ in every way: ethnicity, race, cultural identification, spiritual and religious affiliation, sexual orientation, ability/disability status and educational attainment. My family is, in essence, a microcosm of the diversity of society today. My love and appreciation for diversity nurtured in childhood provided a toolkit for respecting the complexity of self-identity and increased my sensitivity to the ways it informs one’s experience of self, others and view of the world. My clinical curiosity to explore my clients’ unique and varied experiences derives from this family history. Another source of influence in my appreciation of diversity is being a native of the San Francisco Bay Area.

My background shapes who I am professionally and my flexibility in adapting to the cultural contexts of the individuals, families and communities I serve. Just as my family and community represent diversity, social advocacy, and a love for celebrating differences, so does my clinical work with youth, individuals, families and organizations that serve them.


My purpose is to assist individuals, families, and organizations to live boldly in their authentic truth, and to approach everyday life with bold compassion.


Consultation and Training

Therapy for Children and Adolescent

Therapy for Adults and Families

Parent Coaching


Clinical Approach: I am passionate about helping individuals, families, and organizations apply their strengths towards the challenges they face to evolve, grow and transform. As a multicultural psychologist, it is my belief that you must understand the unique socio-cultural factors that shape one’s perspective of the world when trying to understand the needs of an individual, family or organization. I am also a believer in building meaningful connections and take time building strong rapport with clients and organizations. I do so by authentically and compassionately showing up in the relationships I establish. From there, I help facilitate change with people and organizations through the use of tools that are evidenced-based, approachable and accessible, which promote mental wellness, growth and evolution.

Educational and Clinical Background: Early on, and with a clear sense of my passion for youth, families and organizations that serve them, all of my studies, research and training have revolved around this population for the past 16 years. I received my Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology with a Child and Family focus in addition to an emphasis on Organizational Management. I moved on to pursue a Masters of Arts (M.A) in Clinical Psychology, followed by a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.). I then completed an American Psychological Association (APA) accredited Doctoral Internship at WestCoast Children’s Clinic in Oakland, CA. I concluded my formal training with WestCoast Children’s Clinic, an Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Center (APPIC) accredited Doctoral Residency. There, I provided an array of mental health services to vulnerable youth, young adults, families and providers that serve them. I have also worked with various entities serving children and families including school districts, non-profit organizations, juvenile justice departments, the child welfare system and the department of public health.


Clinical Psychologist, California Board of Psychology
License # PSY31403