My services involve a diverse population presenting an array of mental health challenges including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and learning disabilities.

Additional challenges include familial discord/tension, grief and loss, low self-esteem, self-identity confusion, and navigating life transitions.

I provide services to parents and families through the use of parent coaching and family therapy on challenges navigating life transitions, parental stress, parent-child conflict, educational issues, socio-cultural differences amongst familial members, co-parenting guidance and assistance with advocacy within various systems including school districts and social service agencies.


In addition to being a practitioner, I am an educator who provides psychoeducational training, workshops and presentations to parents, caregivers, teachers, administrators, case managers, child care providers and other health care professionals on an array of topics. I am also an adjunct faculty member in a doctoral program at a local university. All of my educational work centers around providing accessible and engaging psychoeducation on topics such as, but not limited to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Child Development, Trauma, Assessment, Education and Mental Health.


I offer therapeutic groups to individuals across the lifespan. This service focuses on providing accessible tools to promote mental health and well-being in everyday life. I facilitate groups on a range of topics targeting coping skills, parenting, self-esteem, stress, anxiety, and trauma in addition to equity and inclusion. Most of my groups include expressive art techniques, restorative practices and other interactive activities. Groups include a minimum of 6 participants. I will periodically advertise groups I am facilitating or if you have a minimum of 6 people in mind I can tailor my services to your community.


Services with adults and families are targeted to assist with presenting challenges such as navigating challenging transitions in life or struggling with mental health symptoms that are getting in the way of reaching goals, optimal growth or fullest potential.

I also specialize in working closely with families who are at all stages of their parenthood journey. This work involves those who are contemplating expanding your family, struggling with fertility, pregnancy, postpartum experiences or attempting to manage a healthy work-life balance. Similar to my other work, I collaboratively assess the challenges an individual faces, while applying their identified strengths to assist in developing useful strategies that ensure well-being, growth and evolution.


Families take on a variety of different forms and with that understanding, I work to assist with the needs of children that promote adaptive development and overall mental wellness. I do so by helping families navigate major life transitions, and establish positive parenting practices. I assist parents and caregivers to meet the needs of their children by establishing structure, critical thought and routine in their everyday life. It is important to note, parent coaching differs from family therapy, for instance, there is no diagnostic process involved.



I provide therapeutic services to children and adolescents in developmentally appropriate ways that are accessible, creative and tailored to their strengths and needs. I start by assessing their growth and development, strengths, as well as presenting challenges. Simultaneously, I collaborate with families to collectively find ways to assist clients in acquiring coping skills, and develop behavioral, social and emotional strategies to tackle the challenges they face.

If you are interested in additional information on any of my services and fees, please contact me.